About the book

Detailing the issues of the global refugee crisis is easy, finding a workable solution is not.


The global refugee crisis is not simple and must be thoroughly understood in order to identify the best way forward. The future of billions of people rest on how the world responds. The Mess We’re In – Managing the Refugee Crisis is a resource to better understand all aspects of the global refugee situation and what options are available to best help refugees. It uses a management consulting approach, common in business, to structure and review the refugee situation. Through this it aim to:

  • Present all the relevant facts and considerations of the global refuge situation
  • Detail Australia’s specific immigration and refugee context
  • Summarise the major issues regarding the current global refugee situation
  • Outline the moral questions to answer in determining what it means to best help refugees
  • Analyse the main approaches to helping refugees tried or proposed to date

The subjects explored include human rights law, economics, sociology, political structures, history, demography and of course, morality. The Mess We’re In – Managing the Refugee Crisis covers a wide range of topics to provide a full landscape of considerations.

The current refugee situation is a mess. There are no easy answers and changes must be made to better manage the crisis. This book will equip you with the background and knowledge to be an informed part of the debate.